Our founders

Alysia & Jordan

"There is something remarkable about seeing the very best of humanity after seeing evil make such an irreplaceable hole in the lives of a nation. I can't speak for everyone but for me I feel like we've all adopted these children and teachers into our hearts as our own... To me, They're like America's Children now... We can not EVER know what the families are going through but we can certainly make a a promise to ourselves to NEVER let them be forgotten... To let the legacy of their LIFE overshadow their death. And to celebrate the LIGHT and LOVE they GRACED the world with."

our leadership team

Courtnet Preis

This fundraiser means a lot.. After the events that happened in my town in December, so many people got together to fundraise for the families affected. I wouldn't want to be apart of any other organization: Light the Sky is sentimental and true. We're not only helping my hurting town but spreading positivity everywhere

Gabby Willette

Light The Sky has shown me that love is stronger than hate, that hope is stronger than evil, and that there is something that we can all do to remember 26 beautiful angels that are more than just missed. This event shows that we will always remember, and that 26 angels will never be forgotten. 

Vanessa DeLeon


Light the Sky has shown how a community can come together for a bigger cause. Because of people's generosity and hard work, this day will be one filled with love and appreciation for the lives lost and affected and for our community as a whole.

Jennifer Tow

This event to me shows there is still faith in humanity. It shows a community and nation coming together to show 26 families, we're here to support and help. It shows our strength in numbers and has restored my faith in humankind.

We are Light the Sky. Our mission is Light, Love and Healing. We stand with Newtown, today and always! 

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"I am Jordan Spencer. I am a 4th grade student at Willard Elementary School in Berlin, CT. When I heard about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School I wanted to do something for the 26 victims who have died during this tragedy. I want to write notes or draw pictures to each teacher and student that have left us. We will tie them to the lanterns and let them float to Heaven for the victims to read or see. I would like to do it because I feel badly for everyone who has died in this horrific tragedy. So I am asking for your help to Light The Sky For The Sandy Hook Angels. Thank you."

How we came to be

all that is Light the Sky




My son, Jordan is 10. The day the Sandy Hook tragedy happened he came home from school already well aware and asked to watch the news... I asked that he didn't but he insisted. So, reluctantly, I allowed it. He sat and watched as the details unfolded and was quiet. See, I expected that because this is a little boy who internalizes everything. What I didn't expect was what happened next. He turned to me and said "Mom, is there anything we can do?". Completely floored I said I didn't know... And I didn't.


The next day he and I sat and talked about ideas and then we came up with a small plan. We wanted to release Lanterns in honor of all the fallen Angels. My son's birthday was on he 12th and he purchased a case of sky lanterns with the money he was gifted that day. We then decided to ask friends and family to join us. Since we started we have raised over 1,500 lanterns! The idea has taken on a life of its own. We are trying to make it spectacular!


Our goal is to celebrate the lives all of those lost that horrific day, inspire love and unity, help all of those directly affected begin to heal, and help raise money for 6 AMAZING causes! All of the proceeds from the admission and wrist bands will be evenly divided between the following 4 organizations: The Lion's Club in Newtown to benefit the First Responders, educational scholarships for the youth of future generations through the Victoria Leah Soto Scholarship Fund, the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, and The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation.


We will have a table set up at the event where people can "Sponsor a Lantern" and decorate it. All funds raised at this tent will be allocated as follows: 75% will go to the My Sandy Hook Family Fund, which will benefit the 26 families directly. The remaining 25% will go to the Sandy Hook Family Healing Fund which will benefit the 12 surviving students from the 2 classrooms. 


We have artists doing everything they can to come perform their amazing tribute songs from all over the country, people donating time, talent and resources. We will have Kiddie Rides, Pony Rides, Food and craft vendors, Inflatables, a rock climbing wall, many Newtown based charities, Shopping and much MUCH more!!! 

We never intended for this to grow into what it has but we are honored to be able to orchestrate such a meaningful tribute.